About Less Than Epsilon

This blog is intended to present serious mathematics alongside physics while trying to remain fun. From Quantum Field Theory to General Relativity, we will explore the topics of mathematical physics as faithful as possible. Using a combination of animations and visuals, I try to strike a balance: presenting information as simple as possible, but no simpler.

About Zhi

Life is trivial and left as an exercise to the reader.

I'm Zhi Han, currently in 4th-year Mathematical Physics at the University of Alberta. This blog is meant to be all about visual math and physics. My interests are in Differential Geometry, Quantum Computation, Machine Learning, and Quantum Information in High Energy Physics.

I primarily learned physics from a combination of reading textbooks and through the internet. ​I was inspired to make Less than Epsilon by 3blue1brown, minutephysics, viascience, Welsh Labs, Kurzgesagt, Physics by Eugene Khutoryansky, Looking Glass Universe, Numberphile, CGP Grey, VSauce, vihart, Veritasium, PBS Infinite Series, PBS Space Time, math3ma, eigenchris, Pretty Much Physics, undefined behavior, Professor David Tong's lecture notes, and the manim discord.

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